The wheel of fortune ryker
The Wheel of Fortune
General Information
Title The Wheel of Fortune
True Name Narcissus
Aliases Vannas Ajaaxs
Personal Information
Vice meh
Virtue blah
Sin yes
Allies The Widow King
Enemies hmm?
Misc. Information
Portrayed by AnimatedC9000
"Voiced" by Shadow Yosuke (Hiimdaisy Persona 4)

The Wheel of Fortune is the first-stage fetter of Ryker Smith, succeeded by The Dealer and The DJ.

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[what caused this fetter to form in the mind of the vessel]

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[personality as well as the flaws the fetter embodies]

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Trivia Edit


The Wheel of Fortune's true name, Narcissus, is named after the botanical name for the daffodil (or a flower in the daffodil family), a flower that symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. In the language of flowers, a group of these flowers can be seen as cheerful and bringing good luck, but a single bloomed one can be seen as misfortune.

The narcissus' name comes the Greek myth of Narcissus, where the aforementioned man was a proud hunter who disdained all who loved him. The goddess Nemesis saw this and attracted him to a pool, where he saw a rather handsome looking person in it and became attracted to it. Turns out the other person was his reflection, and, not realizing this and not wanting to leave his reflection's side, Narcissus ended up drowning. This also is where the word "narcissism" comes from.

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Fun Facts Edit

  • The Wheel of Fortune has an alternate name, Vannas Ajaaxs, that he sometimes uses as a stage name. The name is his (and possibly Ryker's) Alternian name, inspired by Wheel of Fortune co-hosts Pat Sajack and Vanna White.

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