The Statue
General Information
Title The Statue
True Name Daffodil
Personal Information
Vice Possession
Sin Sloth
Enemies The Widow King

The Mistakes

Misc. Information
Portrayed by Hauntpark
"Voiced" by

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"This generation. They don't know. Kids these days. Kids these days. This generation. They don't know. They missed out."
―90s Nick

The Statue, or Daffodil, is the third-stage fetter of Alvan Strict. He's similar to Alvan in appearance, yet appears to be... not entirely flesh. More like, well, a living statue.

 Origin Edit

[what caused this fetter to form in the mind of the vessel]

Personality Edit

Daffodil is a rotten person. He is depressed and lonely, and tends to act in a self-deprecating manner to garner sympathy, even though he does not deserve it.

He calls himself a bad person, though he tends to lash out whenever he is legitimately criticized by anyone.

He has an unhealthy dependence on anyone who stays with him. Once he becomes attached to someone, he begins to rely on them for everything with unhealthy expectations. He is violently possessive and jealous, and reacts aggressively to any threat to his relationship. He believes that he takes good "care" of Craspedia, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Daffodil is also very... stagnant. He has a severe amount of depression that causes him to stay in one place, both literally and metaphorically. He is not very active, and he makes no attempt to change who he is, relying on other people to make things better for him instead.

He has a desensitization to violence.

Abilities Edit

The Statue doesn't seem to have that many abilities, other than the fact that he appears to move only when he's not being directly looked at. He runs away from problems when no one's looking, like some sort of strangely avoidant Weeping Angel.

Environment Edit

The Statue lives in a home that doubles as an art gallery, though the building is now dilapidated and overcome with plantlife. Many of the art pieces have been stolen off the walls. The building is located in the middle of... seemingly nowhere. Dry grass is all you can see for miles.

Relationships Edit

The Widow King

His runaway lover, the one he's been desperately looking for. The Statue has an unhealthy attachment to the Widow King that could never be described as genuine love.

The Statue believes that he has done nothing wrong and that the Widow King was the cruel one.

Other Fetters

Many fetters frown upon Daffodil for his unhealthy relationship with a first-stage fetter, rightfully seeing him as a manipulative abuser. Though there others who share his "true love" view who see him as a devoted, romantic lover.

Trivia Edit


It's basically a yellow narcissus flower. I just learned that today. Even Alvan's FETTER can't be unique.

The Statue's true name, Daffodil, is a yellow variation of the Narcissus flower. It carries some of the same symbolism involving unrequited love and self-obsession.

Other symbolic meanings of the daffodil include, ironically, self-reflection, awareness, and forgiveness.

In some translations of Greek mythology, daffodils are eaten by dead souls in the underworld. One superstition claims that the gift of a single daffodil will bring misfortune.

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