The Master II
General Information
Full name Lawrence Darkholme
Other names The Master II
Gender Male
Personal Information
Family The Master (father)
Mystique (mother)
Allies Nanatsuki Someperson
The Blue Hood
The Psycho Rangers
Enemies The Mistakes
The Professor
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Movie-Brat
"Voiced" by
Pixel master ii
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The Master II is the son of The Master and Mystique.

Backstory Edit

Master II was conceived when The Master managed to get Mystique drunk at one point after surviving the events of Survival. The Master intended to kill her after she gave birth to his son, but The Daleks found him and took him back to Skarro for his trial before he could. He was raised by Mystique up until the age of five when he ran away after an accidental hit in the face (she was still upset that she lost her son Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler). He took his father's diary by accident (which was the only thing of his left behind) and consequentially was sent to an orphanage and then raised by dozens of parents.

During this time, he was considered a child prodigy, loved by many, but at the same time, everyone had concerns about his reclusive personality. At fourteen, he finally read his father's diary after neglecting to read it for so many years. Impressed, he embraced his father's legacy and decided to change his name from Lawrence Darkholme to The Master II, though now he prefers to be referred to as just "The Master". He ran away from the orphanage and hijacked a shuttle developed by Stark Enterprises that was supposed to go beyond the Solar System and traveled to the planet Gallifrey. Later, he took a TARDIS of his own and has spent many years afterwards learning his Gallifrian heritage and traveling through space and time.

After learning everything about human history, he has decided that the Earth should die, thinking that humanity is wasting their potential as well as every resource that he wants to use to remake the Earth in his own image. He knows about the Time War, and he wants to create a whole new Gallifrey, but in his own image: a new race of Time Lords from his DNA via primordial soup. Over the last five years, he has developed his plan by taking Magneto's machine, rebuilding it, fixing a few problems, taking the plans for it and building the Genesis bomb. He also rebuilt the Psycho Rangers as well as adding a few adjustments to their biology, such as self-destruct bombs. He's nearly done with his plans and with the mistakes in his way, he wants them gone especially after The Professor has them as allies.

Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit


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The ProfessorEdit

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