The landlady1
The Landlady
General Information
Title The Landlady
True Name Belladonna
Personal Information
Vice Anxiety
Virtue Responsibility
Sin Sloth
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Kara
"Voiced" by


and LAL but not LEL the LOL
―{うんち} ヌン [| Mitsune Haku |] しょうゆ

The Landlady is the third-stage fetter of Yuuka Kralie, preceded by The Satellite and The Bride.

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Also known as "deadly nightshade".

The Bride's true name, Belladonna, is named after a flower symbolizing beautiful women who are dangerous to look upon. One can easily assume there is no translation for belladonna in the language of flowers, as the entirety of the plant is poisonous - especially the black berries that grow on it.

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