The God of the Tower of Heaven is the father of Nanatsuki.

Canon Information Edit

The God of the Tower of Heaven is a cynical, sadistic god who derives great pleasure from messing with humans. Atop his great tower in the clouds, he lies in bored wait for a human determined (and stupid) enough to accept his (painful) (masochist-approved) challenge to scale each trap-filled floor to the very top.

Our god is not just sadistic, though - he is also a very sore loser who hates humans. Especially humans who succeed in his challenges. So, to make the game a bit tougher, he has been known to implement ridiculous and unreasonable rules (such as "Thou shalt not walk to the left" and "Thou shalt not touch the walls") to keep his participants from their goal. And these rules usually worked, they left his human participants begging for a permanent death - anything for a reprieve from the madness.

Except one particular participant.


This Eid boy really thought he was special, didn't he? Young farmer, late 20s, dreamed only of getting married, settling down and raising a family. He must have known his own underdog appeal, because, in spite of himself, the god found himself almost rooting for the insolent little man in between cursing the man and smiting him just for looking at a brick in the wall the wrong way.


Deadly Mistakes Edit

[how they met the other parent(s) involved in their child's birth (whether sexual or asexual), their relationship with that parent, how that relationship is doing today if intact, what this parent's fate is/was]

Relationship to Child Edit

[pretty self-explanatory, explain how this parent and their child got along. if they never met, just tell us that and how you think they would have got along if they knew each other]

Relationships Edit

[if they're relevant in the RP, cover both canon (and fanon, with the other parent) relationships and relationships to mistakes or non-mistakes they become involved with.

if they are not relevant in the RP, just do canon and fanon relationships.]

Trivia Edit

  • The wiki page for the game, Tower of Heaven, can be found here.
  • Though he is considered the one, true God by his surrounding village, he is actually a comparatively minor god in the overall pantheon of the world.
    • That doesn't mean he isn't leagues more powerful than any mortal.
  • He will smite you. Impermanently. So you can feel death again.
    • And again.
  • The God of the Tower of Heaven has little to no use of his legs in his humanoid state. He hasn't quite discovered wheelchairs, either.
  • He is nicknamed "Happy" by some very, very unwise people.