The bride1
The Bride
General Information
Title The Bride
True Name Belladonna
Personal Information
Vice Patronization
Virtue Protectiveness
Sin Wrath
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Kara
"Voiced" by Donna Murphey (Mother Gothel from Tangled)
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The Bride is the second-stage fetter of Yuuka Kralie, preceded by The Satellite and succeeded by The Landlady.

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Yuuka Kralie Edit


Ryker Smith Edit

Frankly speaking, the Bride doesn't think Ryker is up to the job of being a romantic suitor for Yuuka. While the Bride verbally abuses and shames Yuuka constantly for the kind of girl she used to be, and for the girl she turned into, the Bride also does not believe Ryker is "worthy" of her. It's a very twisted, unacceptable form of love on the Bride's part for Yuuka that leads to her disapproval of Ryker.

Trivia Edit


Also known as "deadly nightshade".

The Bride's true name, Belladonna, is named after a flower symbolizing beautiful women who are dangerous to look upon. One can easily assume there is no translation for belladonna in the language of flowers, as the entirety of the plant is poisonous - especially the black berries that grow on it.

Anyone who crossed paths with the Bride would quickly figure out that she is, indeed, a toxic woman. Her manipulative, shaming personality, the slow-burn-nature of her abuse of Yuuka ties in perfectly to metaphors of poison affecting its victims.

And... Well, would you want to be given the Bride as a gift? Would you really? No. No you wouldn't. Love yourself.

Fun Facts: Edit

  • The Bride is technically the first-ever fetter, if we're going by concept and not by name. Back in 'Nam, the Bride was abrasive, scatterbrained, fun-loving - and somewhat of an alternate personality developed on purpose to protect Yuuka from the Bully, Xavier's alternate, darker self. The Bride was officially born when 'Nam!Yuuka was nearly raped by the Bully.
  • The Bride was based lightly off of Mother Gothel from Tangled in terms of personality (particularly this song) and Beatrice from When the Seagulls Cry in terms of appearance (unintentionally, believe it or not!).

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