The Angry Witch
General Information
Title The Angry Witch,
True Name Eidelweiss
Aliases The Angry Witch
Personal Information
Vice Wrath
Virtue Determination
Sin Wrath
Allies none
Enemies none
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Azure
"Voiced" by Idina Menzel

Second-Stage Fetter of Pat, preceded by the First-Stage Fetter The Useless Princess, and succeeded by Third-Stage Fetter The Heroic Knight.

Origin Edit

Ok picture all the toxic shit Dio told Pat, and now imagine all that shit coming to life. Or think of her as every angry impulse Pat actively fights and struggles with and you get her. See now, the reason Pat so desperately asserts that Dio is not her father and that she's actively going against his forces is because deep down, she still has internalized a lot of the shit he told her, and she hates acknowledging this part of her. It's why she struggles with not knowing when it's okay to get mad or not. It's why she's so focused on being a hero. She hates the thought of his influence ever affecting her past his death. So if she becomes a hero, that means the internalized shit never existed, according to her thought-process, and so she doesn't have to deal with it.

Dio's influence on Pat died when he did. That's how it should be. It's nice and tidy.

Reality isn't nice and tidy. The Angry Witch is proof of that.

Pat's Fetters are a reaction to the previous Fetter (Except for The Useless Princess, of course), and The Angry Witch is a response to Pat vowing to never be as weak as she was, ever again.

Personality Edit

BLU HBLU H BLUH HUGH E ASS face is always in shadow, like shadow dio, because parallels (kinda). yeah im dead serious not even shining a flashlight in her face is going to fucking show it,

Abilities Edit


Environment Edit

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Relationships Edit

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