General Information
Full name Swallow
Other names
Age 3, chronologically; somewhere in their 20s mentally
Gender Sexless (identifies as female)
Race Robot
Sexuality Asexual
Occupation Lab assistant and resident peacekeeper
Personal Information
Family Chester (co-creator)
Jewel (co-creator)
Allies The Mistakes
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Cartoonatic55
"Voiced" by Hynden Walch

Swallow is a robot created by Chester and Jewel.

Backstory Edit

Due to both Chester and Jewel having erratic and unpredictable "schedules", neither one felt like they had enough time to take care of their laboratories or the subjects within them. As a solution to this, they decided to build their own robot to serve as their labs' caretaker of sorts for whenever one or both of them were away.

Personality Edit

Among other things, Swallow was programmed to assist, soothe, and care for anyone associated with either Chester or Jewel. Her response to such problems is to interact with the subject and assist them with their problem in a way that does not involve violence.

Abilities Edit

  • Swallow was programmed to detect emotions such as anger and stress, and then analyze how to calm the subject down.
  • She was also programmed to memorize information on any and all subjects that Chester and/or Jewel give her.
  • According to Jewel she also has a "defense mode" that hasn't been used before the events of the RP. It's currently unclear as to what exactly this is.

Relationships Edit


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  • Swallow is visually based on Wave the Swallow (no duh) if she were a robot like Metal Sonic, and "personality"-wise was inspired by Baymax (despite being created before the Big Hero 6 movie).