Serena Kitsune
General Information
Full name Serena Kitsune
Other names
Age 17 (mentally)
Gender Female
Race Half-human, half-Digimon
Sexuality Lesbean /no
Personal Information
Family Bruce Wayne/Batman (father)
Renamon (mother)
Dr. Von Richter (creator)
Allies The Mistakes
Enemies The Master II
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Movie-Brat
"Voiced" by
Pixel serena
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Serena Kitsune is the daughter of Batman and Renamon.

Backstory Edit

She is the creation of Dr. Von Richter. He managed acquired the DNA of Bruce Wayne after a meeting with him at a banquet ball and afterwards managed to create a digital field to acquire the false proteins and genetic structure of Renamon. However, combining the two different DNA structures proved to be a bad idea as mixing the two created a creature with an unstable personality. She was originally created to fight Cybersix, but after waking up to her ballistic state, she escaped the laboratory and the country of Venezuela to the United States.

After killing a couple who had kidnapped and imprisoned children in cages (and stealing their money and freeing the children in the process), she felt a great amount of pleasure out of helping the children, but she felt guilty over killing people. She didn't understand why, but since then she has decided to help those who are in trouble and kill anyone to scare criminals, child molesters and murderers in order to get them to think twice and turn themselves in. She doesn't consider herself a crime fighter; she knows she's a vigilante and is proud to be one.

Personality Edit

She's not very sociable, and as a result she doesn't get along well with others.

Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

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