General Information
Full name Princess Candy
Other names Candy
Age 10
Gender Demigirl
Race Imaginary friend/alien penguin
Sexuality Aromantic asexual
Personal Information
Family King Dedede (father)
Coco (mother)
Allies The Mistakes
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Cartoonatic55
"Voiced" by Andrea Libman

Princess Candy is the daughter of Coco and King Dedede.

Backstory Edit

Nobody's really sure exactly how Candy came about to be; not even her own parents know. All that's known is that a new "imaginary friend" calling himself King Dedede made himself at home in Foster's and some time later Coco laid an egg that hatched into a child that resembled both of them to some degree.


Personality Edit

Curious and cheerful, Candy always wants to make friends and make others happy. [to be added]

Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit


She seems very nice! She seems to like being around her and her horse, even if she doesn't understand everything she says.


[to be added]


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