General Information
Full name Morganite Mk. IV Wakeman
Other names
Age Mentally teenage
Gender Female
Race Robotic Gem
Sexuality Homosexual
Occupation none
Personal Information
Family Jenny Wakeman ('Robot-mom')
Peridot (Gem-mom)
Julianna Robotnik (half-sister, technically)
Allies The Mistakes
Misc. Information
Portrayed by E350
"Voiced" by Tara Strong

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  Morganite Mk. IV is the daughter of Jenny Wakeman and Peridot.

Backstory Edit

Morganite has spent the early years of her life almost entirely in the care of her parents, Dr. Wakeman and the Crystal Gems (it should be noted that her parents are not together.) Waking up in a dumpster was the first time she had ever been far from home.

Personality Edit

Morganite is very shy around people she doesn't know, and stammers badly when nervous. She is a bit bookish, quiet and reserved, and she scares easily. However, she does try hard to be a decent person and does want to make friends - she's just bad at it.

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