Michaela Mizuhashi
General Information
Full name Michaela Daisy Mizuhashi
Other names N/A
Age 13
Gender Female
Race Technically Japanese
Sexuality Questioning
Occupation Noblewoman
Personal Information
Family Parsee Mizuhashi (Mother)
Israphel ("Father"/modeled after)
Gabriel Mizuhashi (Twin brother)
Allies N/A
Enemies Gabriel Mizuhashi
Belial Duthane-Raynkazuya
The Mistakes
Partners N/A
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Isa
"Voiced" by Ashly Burch
Pixel michaela
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Michaela Mizuhashi is the daughter of Parsee Mizuhashi and Israphel, and the twin sister of Gabriel Mizuhashi.

Backstory Edit

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Personality Edit

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Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

Gabriel MizuhashiEdit


Fetter Edit

Michaela's main fetter is the second-stage Asphodel, The Big Sister. Also appearing are the first-stage Asphodel, The Sandmaiden and the third-stage Asphodel, The Lady.


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