General Information
Full name Marrow
Other names
Age  ?
Gender Male
Personal Information
Family Dr. Loboto (parent)
Jackle (other parent)
Partners Canaria-Vetatalie
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Akahfied
"Voiced" by

Marrow is the son of Dr. Loboto and Jackle.

Backstory Edit

Marrow is a strange nightmare demon born from the meddlings of a certain nightmaren in the dreams of Dr. Loboto's psitanium-addled brain. Neither parent has any idea that he came to be; Marrow himself only really remembers the sensation of receding from a shadowy portion of the dentist's mindscape. It was a strange phenomenon that no one can be sure of the details. One way or another, though, Marrow came to be.

Personality Edit

Marrow is more touchy than you would think someone of his nature would be. He is very shy and has extremely concrete boundaries with people that he doesn't know well. He tends to gravitate towards people who could be described as "negative." Their energies and mannerisms strike him as the most familiar. However, if someone is completely unapproachable he will most definitely shy away after a few interactions! He is a very picky demon, and is extremely fussy with who he chooses to spend a lot of time with.


He is capable of entering dreams and seems to feed off of nightmares rather than cause them. Bad thoughts and negative energy are something he thrives off of, and he considers it his duty to keep these things from just floating about the world willy-nilly. Unlike a nightmaren, he is fully capable of taking a physical form in the world and chooses so most of the time (unless he is collecting from someone's mind).

Relationships Edit

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Canaria-Vetatalie Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Both Marrow and Canaria were created in an attempt to mess with a Onceler RP blog on Tumblr back at the height of the Oncelerenaissance. They started out as rivals, but began to bond over the strange guilt-trippy nature of said Onceler, and have been madly in love ever since.

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