Madigan Hightop
General Information
Full name Madigan Cora Hightop
Other names N/A
Age 12
Gender Female
Race White? (dubious as to whether or not any of her lineage is human)
Sexuality Unknown
Occupation N/A
Personal Information
Family The Other Mother/The Beldam (Mother)
Tarrant Hightop (Father)
Corinne Gracey (Half-sister)
Allies The Mistakes
Enemies N/A
Partners N/A
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Isa
"Voiced" by Jodelle Ferland
Pixel madigan
[spoopy scurry quote]

Madigan Hightop is the daughter of The Other Mother and Tarrant Hightop.

Backstory Edit

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Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

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