Lorraine Robotnik
General Information
Full name Lorraine Robotnik
Other names
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Half-human, half-Gem
Personal Information
Family Dr. Ivo "Eggsano" Robotnik (father)
La- Uh, unknown gem (mother)
Dr. Peridot "Peridotsano" Robotnik (step-mother)
Julianna Robotnik (half-sister)
Gerald Robotnik (paternal great-grandfather)
Maria Robotnik (paternal second cousin)
Ble- NO
Allies Jewel
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Cartoonatic55
"Voiced" by Grey Griffin

―Lorraine's a cat now

Lorraine Robotnik is the biological daughter of Dr. Eggsano and... some gem who isn't Peridotsano. She's also the half-sister of Jewel. She is. Honestly. For realz.

What? Blendin Blandin? Who is that and what does he have to do with this character? Who brought him up here? You're fired.

Backstory Edit

Lorraine was created mostly to see if creating a second human/gem child through the means of science would turn out as well as it did the first time. However, Eggsano didn't want to risk having Peridotsano's gem damaged, so the two decided to find another gem to use for the gem-half of the child. While the child was in the process of being created, there was some kind of incident involving Time Police, including some time traveler guy, which caused them to change locations, but aside from that everything went fine.

Supposedly, anyway. After she was actually born, her parents noticed some... problems. Namely that she was a much slower learner and seemed to be more difficult to work with than Jewel. They expected there to be a few differences between the two, but not quite like this. As a result, the two have mostly let their robots Orbot and Cubot take care of her rather than looking after her themselves and have them try to teach her instead of doing it themselves like they did with Jewel.


Personality Edit

Lorraine is quiet and usually keeps to herself. She isn't very comfortable around others that she hasn't known for a long time. [wip]

Abilities Edit

She has hydrokinesis, but since nobody else she knows has this power or has bothered to teach her how to improve on it, it's gone very underdeveloped.

Relationships Edit

Jewel Edit

While she doesn't get to see Jewel very often anymore, she's very attached to her. She gets very worried whenever she hasn't heard from her in a while.

Eggsano and PeridotsanoEdit

Oh, they're great parents! Even if they don't allow her outside their home/laboratory. And don't talk to her very much. Or let Orbot and Cubot "raise" her more than they do it themselves... even though they seem to give plenty of attention to Jewel... But other than that, they're great!

Orbot and CubotEdit

They're not the most competent caretakers one could ask for. They're not outright awful, but they're just kinda there to make sure she stays inside.

Blendin Blandin and Lapis LazuliEdit

What the hell who are they


Fetters Edit

Lorraine's main fetter is the first stage Lotus, The Raindrop, succeeded by Lotus, The Storm, and then Lotus, The Ocean. [wip]




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