General Information
Full name Julianna K. Robotnik
Other names Jewel
Age 17
Gender Trans woman
Race Half-human, half-Gem
Sexuality Bisexual
Occupation Mad scientist
Personal Information
Family Dr. Ivo "Eggsano" Robotnik (father)
Dr. Peridot "Peridotsano" Robotnik (mother)
Gerald Robotnik (paternal great-grandfather)
Maria Robotnik (paternal second cousin)
Lorraine Robotnik ("half-sister")
Allies The Mistakes
Chester Cheeks-Cobblepot
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Cartoonatic55
"Voiced" by Kari Wahlgren

Julianna "Jewel" Robotnik is the daughter of Dr. Eggsano (an Insano-fied version of Dr. Eggman) and Dr. Peridotsano (an Insano-fied version of Peridot). She is also the "half-sister" of Lorraine.

A young scientist who focuses mostly on technology and mechanical engineering whom invited herself into whatever The Mistakes were getting into. It's not quite clear what she's up to just yet...

Backstory Edit

Julianna was created through artificial means involving shards of Peridotsano's gem (which has since been fixed) and Eggsano's DNA. [wip]

Personality Edit

Jewel is not someone who hides their emotions well, no matter how hard she tries. She gets excited over even small achievements and becomes upset whenever someone even slightly suggests that someone in her family isn't all that good. She doesn't interact with many people outside of Chester and her own family (and sometimes his), so she's not exactly that great when it comes to interacting with other people. She opens up more easily to girls and other scientists than anyone else.

Abilities Edit

  • She's good at building robots, though whether or not they function properly is a different story.
  • She made her own gun that "bubbles" objects its aimed at.
  • Tends to pick up on how to build certain things from memory very quickly.

Relationships Edit

Lorraine Edit

Jewel cares a lot for her little sister and wants to help her learn more about herself. Unfortunately, Lorraine has a different set of abilities from her, which makes teaching her how to control them complicated for her, but she is more than determined to find a way around that for her sister's sake.


Chester is her co-worker and her oldest friend, having grown up knowing him for nearly all her life. While the two of them do have their disagreements (usually regarding how competent her skills with robots are), the two of them do have a certain understanding of one another and regard each other as equals.


Swallow is a robot that Jewel and Chester built together to assist the two of them with their experiments in the lab. She has a lot of pride and confidence in her, even when Chester is skeptical of what their co-creation is capable of.


Jewel expected a number of things from this new universe. A half-sibling whose non-gem half is a robot was not one of those things. On the one hand, awesome, a cross-dimensional robotic half-sibling for her to get acquainted with! On the other hand, what does this mean?!

Isaac FischerEdit

Oh boy, another scientist who likes robots! Can't wait to know more about him and maybe even work with him on something!


  • Jewel was not originally intended to appear for a while, nor was she supposed to stay long enough to become yet another new member of the Mistakes' team.
  • Julianna's name is derived from Julian, Dr. Robotnik's first name in Sonic SatAM.