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Jezebel Helmet
General Information
Full name Charity Smurf / Jezebel Moriarty Helmet
Other names Jez, ma'am, The Blue Hood
Age 21
Gender Female
Race Half-human, Half-Smurf
Sexuality unknown
Occupation Conquerer of planets
Personal Information
Family Lord Dark Helmet (father)
Smurfette (mother)
Gargamel ("uncle"/technical grandfather?)
Allies TED
The Master II
Enemies The Mistakes
Partners N/A
Misc. Information
Portrayed by AnimatedC9000
"Voiced" by Jodi Benson (Vanessa from The Little Mermaid)
Pixel jezebel
All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honour, heroism, and nobility. Evil... well, it's just cooler.

Jezebel Helmet, alias "The Blue Hood", is the daughter of Lord Dark Helmet and Smurfette.

Jezebel is evil to the bone, and that's how she loves it. She's trying to make a name for herself and get out of her father's shadow. Recently, she's been hired to collaborate with some "pests"...

Backstory Edit

As far as Jezebel knows, her mother was a blue alien that had relations with her father and had her before the planet was eventually destroyed by Spaceball's forces. Little does she know that this is an outright lie.

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Personality Edit

Two things that Jezebel loves is being evil and being theatrical. That enough should clue someone in right away as to what type of person she is.

That's right! Jezebel is someone who loves to have fun. But to be fair, she is more knowledgable than she lets on. Whether or not people realize that is all up to what she'll have them believe.

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Abilities Edit

  • The Schwartz: The Schwartz runs strong in Jezebel's family. Her father has it. She has it. And that's all who have it. There are no other family members who have it. Specifically, Jezebel possesses the powers of the Downside of the Schwartz, like her father before her.
  • Potions: Jezebel knows how to make potions. She mainly uses these for dramatic effect, but she occasionally creates some for other purposes.

Relationships Edit

TED Edit


The Master II Edit


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Fetter Edit

Jezebel's main fetter is Hyacinth, The Overlord, a first stage fetter. The Overlord is succeeded by The General and The Governess.

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