Isaac Fischer
General Information
Full name Isaac Jonathan Fischer
Other names N/A
Age 15
Gender Male
Race Half-penguin, Half-human
Sexuality Questioning?
Occupation Gadget maker, Scientist
Personal Information
Family Hayley Smith-Fischer (mother)
Kowalski ("father"/maker of the experiment that resulted in Isaac's accidental creation)
Jeff Fischer (step-father)
Ryker Smith ("cousin")
Allies The Mistakes
Ryker Smith
Enemies The Master II
Partners N/A
Misc. Information
Portrayed by AnimatedC9000
"Voiced" by Ewan McGregor (Rodney Copperbottom from Robots)
Pixel isaac

Isaac Fischer is the son of Hayley Smith-Fischer and Kowalski.

Isaac has a brilliant mind and would like to make a difference to something, but he's been sheltered for most of his life due to his appearance. Despite his odd situation (and hands), he's skilled at science and crafting weapons. He hopes that he can be of use to the rest of the Mistakes and hopefully make at least one friend among this group of fellow misfits.

Backstory Edit

Isaac's story starts where most stories start: at the Central Park Zoo. The Smith family (including Hayley) were on vacation in New York City and were visiting the zoo while they were there, because why not?

Unbeknownst to them (or to a vast majority of humans), [wip]

Personality Edit

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Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

The Smith Family Edit

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Ryker Smith Edit

Isaac and Ryker aren't actually related, but for simplicity's sake (and due to the fact that Roger's been hiding out with the Smith family for years), they're "cousins".

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The Penguins Edit

I have made a perfect penguin/human hybrid on total accident!!!!
you fucked up a perfectly good bird is what you did. look at it. it's descended from a hippie
―Kowalski and Skipper, probably

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The Mistakes Edit

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Rowan Inspector-Matthews Edit

Rowan is a fellow scientific mind, something that right off the bat drew Isaac to him. Isaac never had the opportunity to have a real friend (that he didn't have to talk through via words on a screen), so he desperately wants to be Rowan's friend. Maybe do an experiment or two together, bond, craft weapons of indeterminate purposes... what best friends do (he assumes). Now all that's needed is to try and ease Rowan into the idea of an odd, beneficial camaraderie between the two of them.

The Professor Edit

Isaac adores the Professor. The man's method of travel, the TARDIS, is like nothing that Isaac has ever seen, and he hopes that he could be told about it by the eccentric, bright, jovial, friendly, intelligent, wonderful man that flies it. And maybe the half-penguin could travel with him and be of use to him. You know, more than he has tried to be already. He also totally doesn't have a secret crush on the Professor or anything...

Fetter Edit

Isaac's fetters are The Rocket Ship, The Lunar Lander, and The Astronaut. All of his fetters share the name Anemone.

Gallery Edit