General Information
Full name Holiday Hightower
Other names Holly
Age Let's say 21. Sure.
Gender Genderfluid (she/her or they/them)
Race Poltergeist? Some sort of spectral being.
Sexuality Pansexual
Occupation Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant
Personal Information
Family Can two buildings count as mothers?
Allies Demasiado
Enemies Demasiado
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Hauntpark
"Voiced" by Elizabeth - Persona 3
Holiday pixel
time for a game of disappearing bears

Holiday Hightower... is not a daughter to any living people, but rather some sort of spectral being that arose from the spirits of the Universal Palace Theater and the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Backstory Edit

Beyond the seventh dimension, there is a door. A door to a place of not only of sight and sound, but of mind, where strange things can and do happen every day. Like the haunted spirits of two abandoned buildings mingling and forming an entirely new spirit.

The Universal Palace Theater and The Hollywood Tower Hotel were once shining beacons. But soon enough, their glory was lost to the sands of time. These buildings had already formed some sort of soul, a spirit that did not want to be extinguished. They had to live on through something.

Strange things had happened in these two places before. Hauntings, from ghosts of theater ushers lost behind the stage curtain and hotel guests who got caught in the wrong elevator. So really, was this event that out of place?

Personality Edit

Holly is strange. She seems too chipper and smiley to be genuine, and one could not be blamed for suspecting her. Truthfully, she is not really malicious, but she does love to cause trouble and enjoys the confusion of others. However, she never has the intention to harm anyone.

They like the company of others, they've actually been quite lonely for a very long time. They're fond of affection.

Abilities Edit

Holly, as some sort of spectral being, can float around, phase through walls, and disappear. She also has powers of illusion and disorientation; she can create visions and make things appear different than what they truly are.

Relationships Edit

The MistakesEdit

Demasiado Edit

[girl looking at karamatsu voice] Die

In all honesty, if Holly truly hated Dem that much, she wouldn't be around him at all. Despite her frequent antagonism, she manages to find SOMETHING in him. She does treat him rather roughly, though. Not that he minds in the least.

The Widow King Edit

Holly thinks the Widow King is quite attractive. He's got an aura of danger and lovely eyes! They could have fun together, and she'd like to keep him company.

Trivia Edit

  • Holly is another concept that was thought up a long time ago, but put aside.
  • The surname "Hightower" comes from the backstory behind the Tower of Terror at the DisneySea park in Tokyo. The DisneySea version of the attraction has no association with the Twilight Zone series, and the backstory involves a wealthy man named Harrison Hightower who owns a hotel that becomes cursed after he steals an ancient artifact. Holly herself has no relation to this character aside from name inspiration.

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