Harrison Masters
General Information
Full name Harrison Lawrence Masters
Other names
Age Somewhere in his twenties
Gender Male
Race Human (with ghost genes)
Sexuality Asexual
Occupation [tails from boxer hockey's sonic comic] JEEZE... YOU'RE KIND OF A BITCH
Personal Information
Family Vlad Masters (Father)
??? (Mother)
Allies The Mistakes, though only because they serve a purpose.
Enemies Jim
Delta McLain
Misc. Information
Portrayed by E350
"Voiced" by René Auberjonois (Mr. House from Fallout New Vegas)

"some quote from a youtube poop or something goes here, im not even kidding we've done away with serious quotes almost entirely (or we could have both serious and silly quotes... #thingstothinkabout)"

Harrison Lawrence Masters is the son of Vlad Masters and an unknown mother.

He's kind of a bitch.

Backstory Edit

The son of Vlad Masters, Harrison is already quite wealthy thanks to investments. He has no idea who his mother was, and before he met the Mistakes had had an investigator trace the knowledge of his parentage to Jim.

Personality Edit

A cruel and selfish individual, Harrison views people as a means to an end. He disdains people he considers 'lower' than him but puts on an affable, polite pretense to manipulate them.

Abilities Edit

[wip] He's great at being a bitch

Relationships Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Did we mention he's a

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