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General Information
Full name
Other names
Age Unknown, but best guess is 21-25.
Gender Nonbinary (uses they/them)
Race Multiracial (Black/Caucasian)
Occupation Voodoo bokor, Witch, Tarot reader
Personal Information
Family Dr. Facilier (father)
Sarah Sanderson (mother)
Winifred & Mary Sanderson ("aunties")
Allies Their shadow
Misc. Information
Portrayed by AnimatedC9000
"Voiced" by Bruno Mars
I got voodoo, I got hoodoo,
I got things I ain't even tried
And I got friends on the other side
―Dr. Facilier

Grey is the offspring of Dr. Facilier and Sarah Sanderson.

As a child of voodoo and witchcraft, Grey uses their skills to try and get by. [wip]

Backstory Edit

From day one, Grey has been an orphan. But it wasn't as if their parents died tragically or something. They just... never really existed.

But that doesn't mean that Grey wasn't cared for. All of their life, unknown beings would guide them to what they needed, basically being their eyes. For you see, Grey wasn't just born without parents. They were also born without a face.

Well, without a face in everything but a mouth, anyway.

Early on, they discovered that they had a special talent, at least vocally. Even though Grey couldn't see it, people were drawn to them pretty much whenever they sang, offering their services if needed. Grey learned to use this to their advantage, learning to ally themselves with whomever benefitted them best until the services were no longer required, in which case they moved on to the next prospect.

Another odd talent was that sometimes, Grey reached out and could grab food that was right in front of them, even if there wasn't a table there. They considered those instances a turn of good fortune. Though sometimes this was immediately followed by a turn of bad luck, whether it be a yell or a forceful removal from the premises of wherever they were.

It wasn't until years later that they somehow stumbled across an abandoned parlor. "Stumbled", in this case, meant that an invisible hand seemed to guide them there, bringing them in front of a stronger presence. Grey almost immediately felt an air of importance from whoever this was and linked them with the help that they had been receiving all their life. After thanking them for such, Grey asked if there was something that they could do to help in return for everything.

The next day, Grey woke up on the parlor floor and decided to get to work cleaning the place up in what way they could. After obtaining a broom, they soon discovered that their feet couldn't quite reach the ground anymore. In shock, they dropped the object, resulting in them unceremoniously landing back on the floor. Clearly, something was up, and they wanted answers now more than ever.[wip]

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Grey is in the unique position of having multiple forms of magic run in their family. They are knowledgable in voodoo, hoodoo, and witchcraft. Their shadow can also take on a life of its own, doubling as their familiar. Grey does tarot readings and knows how to tip the hand in their favor if they so desire.[wip]

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