General Information
Full name Delta E. A. McLain
Other names
Age 20s
Gender Female
Race Robot Ghost
Sexuality Pansexual
Occupation Works for Jim
Personal Information
Family Ember McLain (mother)
Arcee (mother)
Allies Jim
The Mistakes
Enemies Harrison Masters
Misc. Information
Portrayed by E350
"Voiced" by Jackie Buscarino


 Delta McLain is the daughter of Ember McLain and Arcee.

Backstory Edit

Delta was brought up mostly by Ember until she was about fourteen and then by Jim after the former disappeared into the ether or something. Although she does not have an official position at the clinic, she tends to work in technical support, security and occasionally transport.

Personality Edit

Delta is sardonic and rather 'uncough' (as a man like Harrison might say), but she is also very loyal and has a strong moral compass. She is less unshakable than Jim (nearly everybody is) but still has something of a 'seen-it-all' mentality.

Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit


Has a mentor-student and slight father-daughter relationship with Jim.

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